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With this comprehensive kit, you can make sure your family is prepared for an earthquake, or other natural disaster. Our family-sized kit covers all the bases to keep your loved ones safe. For emergency nutrition, we provide food & purified water (5+ years shelf life) and 2-gallon water carrier with water purification tablets. For first aid, we include sterile gauze, trauma pads, and butterfly closures. An Emergency Handbook provides instructions for a variety of emergency situations and our Flashlight & AM radio keeps you connected to an important source of information.

  • • Food & purified water
  • • Sterile gauze and trauma pads
  • • Butterfly closures
  • • Emergency Handbook
  • • 2-gallon water carrier and water purification tablets
  • • Emergency blankets developed by NASA
  • • Flashlight & AM radio (including batteries)
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